About Us

Established in 1997, Omni Mal Agencies Sdn. Bhd. has been recognized by the trade as an innovative company that packs quality dates and dried fruits into unique theme and concept. Omni Mal's products always carry distinctive identity, which are marketed under the brands of Gurun Emas (Golden Desert) and Date-Licious.  


Over the years we have been introducing good quality products to the Malaysian market, and diligently searching for technique to handle the goods in safe and hygienic method. Today we've changed these foods from commodity in nature to branded products with identity. We are proud to annouce our mission "To liberate the consumers from the traditional offering of dates and dried fruits in the industry" is materialized.

Quality Product

The rationale was derived from the founder's personal experience of good quality products in Middle East versus those being offered to our domestic consumers. Basically what Omni Mal has been trying to do is simple - to provide CHOICES to our fellow Malaysian consumers and people worldwide with quality, tasty and safe products which are beautifully and properly packed for many usages.

Recipient of 2015 International Star for Quality Award in Geneva, Switzerland

Omni Mal Agencies Sdn. Bhd. has been awarded the prestigious International Gold Star for Quality by BID (Business Initiative Directions) in Geneva, Switzerland on 19-20/9/2015. Omni Mal is one of the very few food companies with such an honor, in which BID merits the award for our commitment in the realm of Customer Satisfaction, Leadership, Innovation & Prestige. We would like to express our gratitude for your great support. Your recognition & persistent support is important to us as we continue our journey improving our quality, processes and systems.


The market responded positively to our belief. From the home state of Kelantan, our distribution spread to the whole country including Sabah and Sarawak. Currently there are more than 2,000 retail outlets, including international chain stores (Giant, Aeon, Aeon Big, Tesco, Isetan, 7-11, MAxVAlue, etc), national chain stores (Pacific, The Store, Jaya Grocer, Presto, BIG, Village Grocer, Hero, etc.), hamper companies, government agencies, corporations and supermarkets selling our product especially during the holy month of Ramadan.


Beyond that, we are also exploring the market potentials in many other countries and have started exporting our products to Brunei, Taiwan, Singapore, China and South Korea. We hope that one day we will turn Malaysia from a date-import country to a date-export country.Omni Mal's products are marketed under the brands of Gurun Emas (Gold Desert) and Date-Licious.

Halal, HACCP, GMP and ISO certified

We preserve our dates and dried fruits without using additive or preservative – through years of research and experiments. We practice ISO9001:2008 for quality system, surpass the industry standard with many international Quality Standard such as Halal (JAKIM) for food purity, HACCP (RvA & Codex Alimentarius) for food safety, and GMP for good manufacturing.

Dates Around the World

Omni Mal dates and dried fruits product covering a wide range of date varieties around the world. We have a special series named The Date-Licious Sedunia, which characterized by assortment of dates from different countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Egypt, South Africa and Oman. The dates are varied in taste, size, texture and color are introduced. Consumers are therefore able to savour dates from many countries in this series.

Where to find our products

Our products are easily accessible in more than 2,000 retail outlets, especially during the Ramadan, in both West and East Malaysia. Our distribution includes international retail chains (Giant, Aeon, Isetan, Aeon Big, Tesco, MaxValue, etc.), national and local chains (Pacific, The Store, Village Grocer, BIG, Presto, Hero, etc.), and convenient stores (7-11), internet sales (taiwan), and so on. In addition, you can find our product display all year round at:

1) MEEC (Malaysia Export Exhibition of Centre) of MATRADE at Jalan Duta.
2) Global Halal Support Centre of HDC (Halal Industry Development Corporation) at 1st Avenue of One Utama.

Our other range of product - Suri 2020 (Baking Ingredients)

Suri 2020 cup series offers a complete range of cake and biscuit ingredients. The baking ingredients are selected from the best and high quality sources only. Suri 2020 tub series is ideal for consumers who require larger amount of bakery ingredients. They are available in many variants. The varieties and high quality of this series has made it the choice even for professional chefs. 

Our other range of product - Kampung Gourmet (Traditional Malay Food)

Kampung Gourmet is resolved to bring back that sweet memory in you by introducing the original taste of various traditional snacks, including dried agar-agar candies, beef floss, chicken floss, fish floss, fish crackers, coconut candy, and conventional biscuits. The Series is good for private of for gift, in all occasions.  

Our other range of product - OmniStyle & OmniTie (Songket)

Omni Mal is promoting the Malaysia's proud heritage - Songket which is 100% hand-woven cloth and was once exclusive to royalty only. Our OmniStyle and OmniTie Songket Series extinguish itself with unique Malaysian identity, and are suitable for all races and genders to wear. They also serve as an ideal gift for someone special, VIO or foreigners in business or personal contacts. The product are displayed at the Textiel & Appparel area of MEEC at MATRADE.